exposed - an off-camera flash photo workshop!

Eric and Amber Langlois, a high energy couple from RAW photo design put on a fabulous off-camera flash workshop in Danbury.

our fearless model braved the sweltering humidity and shined like the sun.

recently i modeled for my friend, a fellow photographer to try and learn off camera flash.  however, being a model and a photographer doesn't always work.  i learn better by doing and being behind the lense, so i signed up for class.  it promised to not break the bank and use what you have in your bag.  however, after class, i think i will need to purchase a few items if i want to pursue off-camera flash photography ... and i absolutely do!  i love how the light makes your subject POP!  the best way to learn is by doing, and reinforcing what you've learned.  i have another date with my friend this weekend to practice some more.  i'm looking forward to having his wife be the model so i can lug around all the lights and get a real workout in.  it's no joke.  camera bags and equipment are heavy and depending on your location, get ready to have some fun.

enjoy the show and let me know what you think.  more photos with off-camera flash?!


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