this is why i love to ride ...

oh, for the love of bikes!  for the many reasons i love to ride ... for one, it rids my mind of clutter, it always makes me feel great when i'm done ... positive endorphin rush, let's face it ... you burn tremendous caloric intake.  it all started many years ago and got refreshed when i bought a second-hand steel surly pacer from doug tanner, owner @ Benidorm Bikes, then upgraded to a carbon Cannondale Super 6, also second-hand from Mr. Tanner.  We both ride the same size 60 frame.  I learned from the best teachers, happy french-canadians, that the next hill is a down hill, put a smile on your face and never give up.  I developed shoulder problems from yoga, massage and biking so i got professionally fit from jan tanner, doug's wife and partner at Benidorm and it made a world of difference!  I've tailed the super-human men and women and raced down hills at over speeds of 50+!  I learned that racing down hill is worth the struggle of pouring your <3 and sweat out climbing up!  i've never been into competition of racing because i'm self-employed and catastrophic insurance costs an arm and a leg.  i pray to archangel michael for protection every time i ride and so far, so good.  although, i've had many close calls.

here lies a lengthy post of pictures from the Tour of Battenkill in Cambridge, NY in April, 2011.  For more photos, click here.

for the scenery ...
for the commraderie ...

the challenge ...

the determination ...

for the guts ...

to never give up ...

we are stronger and faster ...

never look behind you ...
tragedy is certain ...

will ... will live on forever.

no matter what your age ... it's never too late.

the tour of battenkill ... cambridge, ny

families endure and support.

despite your pain and cramping ... you will NEVER give up!

for the colors!



chix on bikes rule!

garneau ... one of my favorite clothing lines in bike gear.

for the look you get ... it's all about connection.

audi!  one of my favorite cars and impressive bethel spring series competitors.

for the love of volunteeers

and their companions.

WHY WE RIDE!!! at the tour of battenkill finish line!

the end!

canadians rock my world!


it was a long hard ride ... this is what it looks like if you make it to the end!

the podium!  congratulations ... you earned it!

train ... to your next destination.

it's a good thing to stretch when your done.

winners circle!

home stretch!

witnesses to the finish.

bike riding is therapy ... for the mind/body/soul.

clearing the way.

for safe passage.

the challenge!

the cheerleaders!  i happen to <3 VDUB!

the hills!  we <3 them.

for the gear and swag.

for the start line and photographers.

for the strength and determination!

for the GUTS!

the willpower.




oom pa pa!

shredding the tread.

that next hill is your last ... ya right!  how many times have i heard that?!

for the self-employed like me!

for the connection and accomplishment!

for the connection!

for mind blowing determination!

go mr. funk!

go despite your painful cramps!

rocking the tats!

chased by the po po!

stronger, faster.  NEVER GIVE UP!


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