ventura highway

thinking i need a vacation with my camera, so i decided to browse through the archives and this is what i found.  hope you enjoy the trip!  i'm making it a point to take two trips by the end of 2011!  maine coast and boulder, colorado here i come!  i need to be one with the land and sea again.

it was 2005 and i took a vaction to ventura, ca to visit a good friend of mine named william.

the first night i got there, we took a walk around ventura.

the next day, we drove from ventura to the piedra blanca trail in the sespe wildnerness near ojai, ca with the top down on the convertible.  i remember crying tears of joy because the smell of wild white sage was so strong.  i picked some and i still have a few sprigs.  i only burn it on special ocassions.  the magic is real.  sage is used by native american indians and is believed to cleanse you from negative energy.

in william's kitchen.  enjoying the california sun.

we stopped along the rocky river beds to build cairns or as i like to call them, rock people.  it's a balancing act and i like the impermanence of the sculpture.  that's what's so great about taking pictures.  memories to last a lifetime.

after crossing river beds, we begin our hike into the hot, dusty desert and spend the whole day on the trail.  not a soul in site.  it was heaven.

such incredible white rock formations.  it reminded me of bell rock from the red rocks of sedona, az.

taking a break in the shade by a gorgeous pool of crystal clear water!  such a rare find in the desert.
it was a soothing oasis.

sage in my hair ... the hike home!  what a day!

you can't go to california without visiting the pacific!  i can't just lay on my beach blanket.  although that was nice.  when we weren't swimming in the ocean we were busy building a village of rock people.

william's kitchen.  i just love blue!

also from william's kitchen.  i loved the way the onion and bananas matched the wall paint.


  1. I love these photos thanks for sharing your trip! My favorites are of you and William and your self portrait and also that goorgeous succulent plant.


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