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This charming apartment has been meticulously restored with whimsical delight by Ursula, her good son, Uri and carpenter, Harry.  It's for rent and located in the hills of Winsted, CT (Litchfield County).  Close to Rt. 44 and Highland Lake.  Wonderful roads to ride your bicycle, hiking trails, lakes and rivers for fishing and more!  

Ursula believes in keeping the original character of the home.  She scraped every single window and door to restore this apartment to it's finest historical character.  Bright light all day long on this second floor apartment.  

Her son, Uri designed the bathroom and kitchen cabinets.  He is available for any of your design ideas at Custom Wood Extras or you can find him on Facebook.

The apartment is almost ready to go!  If you are interested in seeing this gorgeous place, contact Ursula at this e-mail.

bathroom with washer/dryer.  custom cabinets by uri.
sun all day in this bedroom or living room

custom kitchen cabinets by uri. built in removable hot plate, gas stove and microwave underneath the stove.

original porcelain sink incorporated into the kitchen cabinets.  beautifully designed and made by uri.

kitchen/living area will soon have a bar added to this countertop.

bedroom or living room

door leading to the front porch to be finished soon!  great vistas overlooking the hills.

i'm a sucker for old things, especially when they are meticulously restored.

various doors throughout the house that Ursula spent countless hours restoring.   years of character!

wood grains and paint patterns lovingly restored and custom built.

Meet Uri, the good son who built the cabinets and his good mother, Ursula, designer, renovator and keeper of wonderful treasures.  The adorable dog is named Bella and not for sale <3


  1. Great looking photos! The rooms have great light and looks like some space to breathe.

  2. thanks george. it's a wonderful space indeed. the light moves through the apartment all day. it's right of rt. 8 and rt. 44 which will get you anywhere.

  3. Stunning!!! I will share this with my step son and his girlfriend. They are looking to rent a place...

    1. Thank you Laura! That would be terrific. *)


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