in living color

"In living color" started when Corey shared her idea with fine artist, Ethan Boisvert at the Hartford Open Studio in November.  The idea came to her when she was inspired by his paintings.  How cool would it be to have an art installation and a model, Hanz Landes as the human canvas with live drumming, by George for inspiration?!  I also wanted to video the behind the scenes process and have a look at the artists at work and a separate video just illustrating the art and music.  For now, we have pictures to tell the story.  Less than a week later, Ethan, Hanz, Corey and George came together and made it happen.  It all started with blank white walls.  Ethan prepped and painted the floor the night before with a checkered pattern and blue swirls.  This process documents Ethan, George and Hanz at work.  The beginning is a behind the scenes look at the step-by-step process to the final outcome.  I will let the pictures speak for themselves.  We all had such an amazing day.  It's wonderful to see ideas come to life and work with creative souls that are trying to make this world a more colorful, loving place to be.  Art can change the world.

Ethan getting started

Ethan gets a helping hand by George to set the stage

the model, Hanz, patiently waiting while the scene is created

next, drawing and painting to music!


the human canvas begins

engulfed in white

let the movement within the installation begin
exploring the environment

Headdress made by Hanz

color is added to the human canvas

the final outcome ~ Hanz (model) becomes a part of the fine art installation

Sincerest gratitude and appreciation for a memorable, colorful day with the following:
Photographer and Conceptual Artist ~  Corey Lynn Tucker Photography
Fine Art Painter ~ Ethan Boisvert
Model ~ Hanz Landes
Drummer and Photo Assistant ~ George


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