Patience gives the 
power to practice;
practice gives the 
power that leads
to perfection. 

Wise words Yogi Tea has to offer.  I'm going to buy stock in this company, not just because I've been drinking a lot of tea.  It offers a chance to reflect on these fortunes.  I've had a real challenge being patient this week since I've been home sick with a nasty chest cold and lung-hacking cough.  Being sick is a lesson in patience, it slows you down and gives you a chance to see the world differently.  I've taken this time to go within and be more creative in a less active way.  It is becoming a fond ritual making tea several times a day in my grandmother's tea pot.  It brings me closer to her and I find I can't wait to read my next fortune to see where it will lead my creative mind in a subtle way.

Plus, I get to sip tea in this beautiful mug my friend, Laura made and gave us for Christmas from Stoneware Alchemy.   Nothing compares to an earthen mug made by hand,  glazed and put into a wood-fired kiln.  Shear love and magic comes from these sumptuous mugs and everything tastes richer.  My favorite kind of tea to drink is Ginger with a splash of fresh-squeezed lemon and local honey.


Real happiness 
lies in that which
never comes 
nor goes, but
simply is. 


  1. Love yogi tea. I'll be brewing some peach detox here in a bit. Also been digging the traditional medicinals. Your gram's teapot is beautiful, what a sweet reminder of patience this time does give. Seems like we are being reminded to take a moment to rest and recharge.

  2. I drink Yogi Bedtime Tea every night and it helps me sleep soundly. Love this blog about patience too. We all need to slow down and look at things differently at times.


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