sage - to heal or rescue

The desire of Sage is to render man immortal.  It's known by the ancients to heal or save and for it's longevity.  You will never grow old as long as you grow sage in your garden.  You can cook with sage or burn it to cleanse and purify your environment.  The native's believe it is the spirit caller and embodies the spirit in you.  There are so many medicinal, spiritual and culinary ways to use sage in your life to aid you on your journey.

When we arrived at the community garden by Smith College in Northampton, Katherine's spirit suddenly lit up as soon as I suggested she pick a piece of sage and put it in her hair.  As you can see from the beginning to the end.   

The olfactory senses are one of the strongest indicators of memory recall.  It is one of our most powerful senses and can bring a smile to our face or if we smell something foul, bring a look of disgust.  Smelling helps us to taste our food.  Knowing what incredible resources your body has to offer, shouldn't you surround your senses with delightful scents?  Buy yourself some flowers, or stop and smell them in the grocery store.  I promise it will bring a smile to your face.



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