52 week challenge - week 8 - coffee!

I'm serious about coffee!  My morning ritual starts with the first sniff and familiar sound of coffee beans being ground, poured into my French Press.  Next comes a smidge of maple syrup into my favorite Stoneware Alchemy mug my friend, Laura made.  Everything tastes better in earthen ware.

So when one of my favorite subjects ... coffee arrived for week 8 of the 52 week LensProToGo photography challenge, it was full steam ahead.

You would think it would be easy to photograph something you love.  However the story can take on different shapes and scenarios.  Here's my process behind this weeks coffee challenge (week 8).   It all started in my back yard, then a trip to Collinsville's LaSalle Market and Deli and finally ended up at J. Rene Coffee Roasters in West Hartford by the suggestion of a Facebook fan.  This is where I discovered something I've never witnessed before in coffee making.  The science and art behind coffee!

Good morning sunshine!

It started in my backyard, then LaSalle Market and Deli with my favorite mug by Stoneware Alchemy.

Next came J. Rene Coffee Roasters in West Hartford where I discovered something entirely old, but new ... the siphon pot!
I was sitting with my friend, when the light and flame caught my eye.  I changed lenses ... 70-200!

The beaker to the flame ... hello siphon pot!

Time, patience and attention go into making this cup of coffee. It's a science.
The siphon or vacuum pot in action.

My final entry to Week 8/52 LensProToGo Weekly Challenge for "Coffee"

What a beautiful presentation and attention to detail by this patient barista.  It must have taken 5 minutes to brew this cup.

All you need is a good book, a cup of coffee and a crumpe = happy customer!

I look forward to bringing you more thoughts and process that go into my photographs for the 52 week challenge that brings me to my final selection.   There are so many ways to spin a story.  


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