collaboration at chetstone

When I was invited by Anthony DeCarlo to shoot models at Grove Studios at Chetstone with other professional photographers, I was honored, excited and jumped right on the opportunity!  The first thing that struck me when I arrived was this gorgeous, gothic Victorian mansion that was lovingly restored.  I couldn't wait to get inside and see every nook and cranny.  Upon entering, there was the friendly crew of professional photographers, some I knew personally and others from Facebook.  It's so good to meet the person behind the picture and get to know them in real time.  The models were getting their hair and make-up done in the grand dining room right off of the kitchen.  The light was perfect through the old rippled glass panes.

Ian Christmann, photographer with Catalyst Photography and host for the day at Chetstone restored this lovely home and suggested we shoot through glass while we collaborated.  The first thing I thought was gee whiz, I don't have the lense that I need to shoot in this environment.  I felt a little intimidated to say the least, I took a deep breath and thought, just go with the flow.  I started on the outside of the building shooting through the old glass windows with my Canon 70-200 2.8 lense.

Model ~ Rebecca St. George, Make-up and Hair ~ Kelly Hart with That Girl ...
I went upstairs and took a few shots of Kat George shadowing Mary Beth Morrisey in the bathroom, bedroom and attic all with my long lense.

Model ~ Kat George

The attic at Chetstone has whimsical paintings of rabbits on the walls and ceilings.  Photographers David Apuzzo, Heather Prescott Liebensohn and Mary Beth Morrissey.

Realizing I needed a smaller lense to shoot in tight spaces, Stephen Wang generously lent me his Canon 35 mm 1.4 and off I went on an adventure.  I just ordered a lense of my own and it should be arriving shortly!

Model ~ Alyssa Allen.  Hair by Meagan Jones with Cleopatras and Make-up by Melissa Torres.

Jacek Dolata, the man behind the lighting idea and the lovely Morgan Hare.

looking through chandelier glass
Fun with glass with my love, George.  Not only is he a wonderful assistant, he makes a handsome model.

Model ~ Gina, Hair by Lin Belica

Lin Belica ~ Hair with Cleopatras

Fun with mirrors, thanks to Anthony DeCarlo for inviting me and for the idea.

Behind the scenes with Photographer, David Appuzzo

Behind the scenes with photographers, Anthony DeCarlo, Jacek Dolata and more!

Behind the scenes with photographers - David Appuzzo, Ian Christmann and Stephen Wang

Behind the scenes with photographer and host - Ian Christmann

So the ironic thing about Saturday was that there were so many George's there.  My dad's name is George, my grandmother was married to a George.  I haven't met any George's until my George came along.  Two of the models on Saturday were Kat George and Rebecca St. George.  Given the way the day went, I just think it's a good thing.  George's are good people.



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