ideas behind the process

Oh, so many ideas come to mind every week for my 52-week project.  This week's theme was "UP."  The first thing I thought of was me levitating off of the ground being carried away by an airplane.  So off to the airport I went on that 54 degree day in January and waited patiently for airplanes to take off from Bradley field.  Two hours later as the sun waned, I wasn't happy with my airplane shots.  Very few took off from my vantage point in East Granby.  I still put together my composite image because I am new to Photoshop and need to practice what I learned from my dear friend, Jillian at 60B Photography.  Thanks to her, she showed me some neat tricks that have opened up a whole new world for me.

This weekend while shooting with other photographers at Grove Studios at Chetstone in New Haven on a collaborative shoot with several models and make-up artists, this image on the left came to me when I wasn't even thinking about UP!  I thought it was a far better shot to submit to my weekly photo challenge without much Photoshop manipulation.   I took this shot crouched close to the ground looking upwards.  I loved the light and shadow and Alyssa reaching upwards towards the light.  Both images very symbolic and meaningful, but the final submission was a no brainer. 

Week 5 "UP" submission on the left.  My concept and first run on the right, not submitted because it didn't meet my expectations.

I will continue to push myself and learn new things with photography and editing as well as pursuing my ideas and dreams.  That's one of the main reasons why I signed up for this 52-week challenge.  A couple of other ideas I had this week was to capture an insomniac up in the middle of the night staring blankly at a computer screen or somebody high as a kite on drugs with saucer eyes.  A week gives me time to work on my ideas for the finished product.  Looking forward to what the rest of this year has to offer.


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