planting pansies

This is my third year in a row planting pansies in my window boxes.  I look forward to the first flowers of Spring and their happy faces.  Pansies are winter hardy and since these beauties were grown in an unheated greenhouse, they are tough cookies.  Roxan, from Aerie Mountain in Barkhamsted has a funky, spirited gift shop and garden center.  She makes her own soaps, jewelry, wind chimes and more!  She's also a master gardener.  I even took some landscape design courses from her a few years ago and learned a ton.  Roxan is a pleasure to talk too and has a wealth of knowledge.  You can always find unusual plants at Aerie Mountain.

Gardening and floral arranging comes to me naturally, it's in my blood.  My grandmother was well known as the Flower Lady in Old Lyme, CT.  She had a roadside stand where she sold flowers displayed in canning jars.  The honor system was her way.  Put your money in the box, wrap your flowers in newspaper and take them to your beach cottage or home and enjoy.  My mother and father always had vegetable and flower gardens.   My mother has designed and arranged several bouquets for weddings, church and friends.  Even my sister worked at my grandmothers in her teenage years and at a local florist.  Flowers and gardening have been a way of life for me and I love getting my hands in the rich soil, weeding and picking posies to bring life into the home.  No matter what ails you, go to the garden and you always feel better after the work is done.  Gardening is good for the soul.  The best part of having a garden is to share the bounty with your friends.  So as this season continues to blossom, I look forward to seeing what decides to grow.  It's always a pleasant surprise.

One of my massage clients surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers this week.  Not only did it make my day, it made my whole week.  What an unexpected and pleasant surprise.  I hope to grow old giving away bouquets and spreading the joy.  This poem was written by my grandmother's friend.  Not only was Robbie a farmer, he was a poet too.

The Willing Giver

Hard by the shores of the Black Hall River
On the edge of the South Lyme marsh
Lives the one who's the willing giver,
Tho the winds blow strong and harsh.

Her age you'll have to discover
Be it fifty or sixty-one
For she's kept her youth forever
By the good deeds she's done.

Her garden's like the Garden of Eden
With flowers row on row
Many grown to be given -
She is like that, you know.

Part of herself, her gifts so free,
Given so freely to you and me
When we are next upon our knees
Help us to be thankful, please.

Her dog, her cat, and husband, too,
Share in a love that is so true
That others are with envy filled
And go away with love instilled.

The Lord loves a cheerful giver
But also a willing one
By the shores of the Black Hall River,
You'll find her in the sun.
~Robert C. Robbins


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