birthday garden tea party

It was a chilly April day, so the outdoor party moved indoors.  Lovely, none-the-less.  The flowers that adorned the tables and cheerful floral table clothes made it feel like Spring was in full bloom.  The theme was garden and it certainly resonated on everyone that joined the party to celebrate Dale's 55th birthday!  From home-made floral hats to vintage floral dresses and Mary Janes, the look was cheerful to say the least. What impressed me the most was that everyone participated, even the men came in costume.  I only wish I had worn my grandmother's floral dress or even one that my mother made.

Ebony put on an impressive fete for her mom and even surprised her.  I can only imagine what her other party's must look like.  She could go into business designing and planning any kind of soiree.  At her wedding some years ago on Halloween, everyone came in costume and now, she is planning a mad scientist birthday party for her son. 

This makes me wish my mother didn't live so far away as we are both creatives, I would have loved to do something special like this for my mom.  Being a gardener, I know she would love a garden party.  Perhaps when I visit her in June, I'll have to make her feel special and have a belated party just because that's how much I love her.  With Mother's Day just around the corner, think about how special these women are in our lives, whether you are a son or daughter.  Our mother's are a gift, treasure them dearly.



  1. Your pictures are beautiful, I really like you blog and how you capture moments!


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