wild edible salad

How would you like to make your own salad for dinner based on what you find on your lawn (as long as its pesticide free) and the local woodlands?   This time of year is so delightful especially first thing in the morning or at days end to get close to nature and gather your edibles.   Check out this delicious wild edible salad you can forage yourself if you have the skills it takes to pay attention and identify what's all around you.

How did I learn to find my own food?  It started growing up with a family that had their own garden.  We grew most of our own food during the spring throughout the fall and even canned tomatoes to pull out of the freezer in winter months.  I remember picking beans and storing them as well.  It was my least favorite item in the garden to pick because it always made my hands itchy.  In 2006, I went on a Wild Edibles tour with "Wildman" Steve Brill.  Mr. Brill is from New York City and has a colorful story to share and is a tremendous wealth of knowledge.  

In order to identify your food, I'd suggest picking up a New England Field Guide to Edible Wild Plants and signing up for a hiking tour.  I went on mushroom foraging hike a couple of years ago with the Canton Land Trust.   There are so many resources at your fingertips.  Happy foraging.


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