backyard blues dinner party

It all started when I came across a 1970's aqua blue patio set at the antique store last week.  What a steal!  I've been wanting to have small gatherings and themed dinner parties now that the weather is warming.  So the theme became blue, Chinese year of the snake.  George cooked us some delicious Chinese meatballs with a rice noodle vegetable stir fry.  Natasha went over the moon with blue accessories, a gorgeous spiral blue plate, blue mirrored candle, blue orchid and a blue crystal necklace as well as blue tequila.  She even brought a pupu platter.  Oh my!  Good thing we went on a long bike ride!  I pulled out my blue phoenix dishes and she brought her blue chopsticks.  I even read her 9 totem animals from my blue medicine card deck while George drummed.  It was quite an evening that I hope to share with others as the summer unfolds.  Dreaming up the next dinner theme.  Stay tuned.


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