a garden tour

The Garden Conservancy in Canton held an open tour on July 21.  There were three tours throughout the day, but I was only able to get to one and it was absolutely stunning.  My Canton neighbors, (through the woods and fields and over the hill) have a secret garden you would never know is there until you enter their back yard.  They have whimsical sculptures throughout their property made out of wood and metal, a tree house and outdoor bungalow by the pool.  I felt as if I was in another world, a paradise.  Gardens are a powerful place to be, they can transport you to that place of peace and serenity.

I have always loved gardening since I was a child.  My parents grew their own vegetables and had a plentiful array of perennial and annual seasonal flower gardens.  My mother taught me how to weed, plant, and harvest.  Most of our meals came from the garden during the summer months and we even canned our tomatoes for the winter months. 

My grandmother was known as The Flower Lady in Old Lyme.  She sold cut bouquets on her road side stand and made the Sunday arrangements for church, table arrangements for the Bee and Thistle Inn and a few weddings.  My grandmother was allergic to bees, but that didn't matter, she loved her garden and hardly ever got stung.  Thank goodness the love of gardening passed down to me.  I have my grandmother and mothers perennials to remind me of their presence.  Every year, I am given a joyful reminder of fond memories.  It's such a joy to be in the garden.  A true labor of love.

If you would like to invite me to photograph your garden, that can be arranged.  I can design your own coffee table book as a reminder of your beautiful gardens when winter is upon us.  Send me an e-mail to book your appointment.



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