woman + bike = love

Who doesn't love riding their bike?  Especially when it's an oldie-but-goodie.  It is sure to put a permagrin on my face, especially when I ride my 3-speed Schwinn Breeze.  I found it at the dump for free and it's in excellent condition!  No rust and she's real shiny.  I added a basket, tassels and a horn and off we go.  I converted my father's vintage Univega into a fixie and ride that occasionally.  Around these parts, it's hard to go for a bike ride without encountering a hill.  Not very friendly when you're riding a fixie.  The best place to ride is a smooth path along the rails-to-trails as it's sure to be fairly flat.  

Cycling has become a way of life for me and I wanted to do a shoot that captures what I love, cycling, fashion, vintage and the outdoors.  Summer time is all about getting outdoors and making fond memories. Sarah Mitchell was the perfect model for the vintage and classic look.  She is as fresh as a summer breeze!  I decided to do the shoot in quaint Collinsville, CT where I lived for almost 10 years.  The town is booming with outdoor cafes, artists, music and fun things to do outdoors.  


  1. wow! relay great post. i have read your article post. Thank's for sharing.
    Thanks especially for your nice picture!

    1. Thank you Jessica! Hard to believe this photo session was over 2 years ago. My how time flies. Glad you enjoyed the blog.


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