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I love so many things, I can't choose which is my favorite, so here's something else I like to do.   Potluck outdoor dinner parties combined with a home and garden, foodie shoot.  Nature is very important to me and I feel so connected being outdoors as much as possible.  Since our summer is so short, we like to make the best of outdoor living.  Seriously, I would love to come to your home, I'll even bring my own potluck dish.  George and I love to cook, healthy, delicious food and share it with our friends.  We also like to play musical instruments, especially drums.  Did you mention a bonfire?!  Well that could add some magic too.  Summer is the best time for dining outdoors despite the mosquitoes.  I find wearing a scarf over my shoulders and having my hair wild and crazy keeps them at bay.  

Here's some shots of what I think is the best architecturally designed home around.  I don't know why more houses aren't built like this and positioned according to the sun.  It used to be a horse barn that was converted to a home.  The inside is even more whimsical.  For now, we'll stick to the outside.  It was a lovely evening with a dear friend.  

There is still more time to plan for those outdoor dinner parties and it's much more affordable than dining out.  What themes can you think of that would be fun?

Wouldn't you like your own coffee table book of your home and garden?  Here's an example from my recent trip to Monhegan Island.

Buon appetito!



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