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This is what a photoshoot looks like when you work with me.  I love to find interesting locations and work with my clients to see what mood or theme they would like to create.  Sarah Callinan was referred to me by my good friend, Katherine Griswold (Katherine's also a singer, teacher and photographer.)  She knew magic would happen when Sarah and I met and it sure did! I should mention my Canon 580 EXII flash bit the dust and was in the repair shop.  My friend, Jacek Dolata (fellow wonderful photographer) came to my rescue and let me borrow his flash for the weekend.  If it weren't for his flash, I wouldn't have been able to capture the off-camera lighting shots with the wonderful clouds in the background.

Sarah was on her way to Massachusets from New York City and we arranged to do a shoot in Hartford.  Sarah resides in NYC and is an opera singer, model, actress and also holds down a full-time job in a law firm.  My kind of gal!  Brilliant, beautiful and a go-getter.  We met at Tisane in Hartford to have her make-up done by Kelly Hart with That Girl...  I love working with Kelly for my shoots.  She is very talented, funny and not only can she do make-up, but hair too!  We sat outside where it was cool and tucked away.  We all laughed and shared our stories before the shoot.  Our worlds kept getting smaller as we discovered we also know Kalia Kellog, another talented opera singer.  Come to find out Sarah and George (my awesome boyfriend and photo assistant) went to HARTT during the same time.  

After sorting through Sarah's magnificent wardrobe, we narrowed it down to about five different looks.   I love putting outfits together!   I often send my client a Pinterest page to give them an idea of how to pose or what to wear for the day of the shoot.  In Sarah's case, I didn't need to do that as I knew she had the wardrobe and stage presence.  Off we went to our first location, then the second and ended at our third as the sunset lit the brilliant clouds over the Hartford skyline.   Every place we went was quiet and undisturbed.  I swear the city sleeps during the day and on Sundays.

I love conceptual portraits and working with artists, whether you are a musician, model, dancer, actor, etc.  If you need photos for your web-site, blog, Facebook page or promotional material, I'm available to make some unforgettable photographs to last a lifetime.  Check out my web site or Facebook page or shoot me an e-mail to book your shoot.

Make-up by Kelly Hart with That Girl...

Cell phone shot by Kelly Hart of me in action.  I'm not afraid to get dirty.


  1. This is just a taste of all Corey does on a day of shooting. She is the hardest workin' woman in photography! And I am not just saying that because she is my love either.

    1. Why thank you sweetheart! You are the best. Couldn't do it without you sunshine. <3

  2. Love your work! You are just getting better and better.

    1. Thank you Pia! Means a lot coming from you my dear, an artist I truly admire.


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