At the Drive-in

Did you know there are very few Drive-in's left across America?  Help preserve our rich history.  Click here to save the Pleasant Valley Drive-In.  Only a few days left to make your vote count!

I had been wanting to do this shoot all summer and the weather and calendar Gods finally got together to do my very first styled collaborative shoot with so many amazing people and talented artists.  Grace Black Vintage provided the wardrobe and vintage accessories.   Grace is a sweetheart and I am so grateful to Julia Sloan from Brazen Betties for recommending her to me.   Sarah Mitchell and Sam Lariviere made such a gorgeous couple embodying the 1950's.  Um, both of them are gorgeous people inside and out, dancers, models and so much more.   Sarah knows a guy, who knows a guy, his name is Pete Rocco who provided the 1955 Chevy hot rod!  Thanks Pete!  Did I mention the tremendous hair and make-up by Vanessa Ahearn (also thanks to Sarah who bailed me out of a rescheduling nightmare.)  My first time working with Vanessa and Grace ... needless to say, I'm impressed and I value word of mouth referrals.  You can't go wrong. 

I think it's ironic that I was called to do this shoot and then learned that this drive-in is about to close.  I'm into preserving history and raising awareness.  If you aren't busy on Saturday, Sept. 14, from 1-6 p.m. come to the Drive'N for the Drive iN to save our history, and original art.  I'll be there with my camera, you bring your car, I'll be happy to meet you and share the goodness life has to offer.  Let's rally together and make a difference. 

Of course, behind the scenes is my amazing partner, George setting up the lights and keeping everyone at ease and smiling.  We make an amazing team.  Spreading the light and love.


  1. These are AWESOME!!! I love the ones with me in the car the most and the leather jacket...I'll be at the car show in my best vintage, pin-up inspired attire if they need a girl to go with their car.

    1. Sarah you are the epitome of a classic 1950's beauty! I look forward to seeing you at the car show with my camera! It's going to be fantastic. I had so much fun working with you and Sam. You both are gorgeous models. Did you notice I put West Side Story on the screen? Ha ha. I figured since you two are dancers, you would really appreciate that 50's classic. Thank you for helping me make this shoot possible. xoxo


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