take me outside

George and I were riding our bikes a couple of weekends ago on a farm tour through Hartland, Granby, Simsbury and Canton.  One of the farms we stopped at was The Garlic Farm and I remembered the zinnia fields from last year.  So colorful and full of joy.  I immediately knew I wanted to do a photo shoot and video with my beautiful friend, Sabrina Allard, besides she loves to dance and does it so well.  The three of us got together on a Tuesday morning and created something magical and lovely!  Cheers to spreading the joy and light and all that's good in the world, beauty and healthy delicious vegetables ... and garlic!

Be sure to get outside and spread your wings, visit your local farmers and say hello to a stranger.  Smile often, whistle and sing out loud.

Take me outside, sit in the green garden
Nobody out there, but it's okay now,
bath in the sunlight, don't mind if rain falls,
take me outside, sit in the green garden,

And I'll fly on the wings of a butterfly
high as a tree top and down again
putting my bag down, taking my shoes off
walk in the carpet of green velvet

Dance in my garden like we used to,

I'll go, wherever you go, wherever you take me, I'll go
~Laura Mvula

Photos and Video by Corey Lynn Tucker Photography


  1. What a great day this was Corey! Loved The Garlic Farm and the experience of working with you again. You certainly do create beautiful work. Glad you are inspired by this song as well. Take us outside!! XO Sabrina

    1. Thank you Sabrina! As we know, outside is where it's at. Love your fresh attitude and spirit. You are always a delight to work with and make magic happen. Pura vida! xoxo


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