african queen

My heart sings for joy 
when I see you smile
golden as the sun  
my body begins to glow
you pierce my heart
and burst that cage 
to fly as free as the breeze
soaring as far as the minds eye can see

love will always find a way
like water under your skin
rippling and quenching that thirst
you've been longing for
no more waiting
nothing to stop you
you are golden as the sun
in strength you stand
~ corey lynn tucker

My friend, Joy a.k.a. Funmi is a goddess.  She has always embodied what it means to be a Queen.  Joy is from Nigeria and has worked hard to become a nurse and a recent homeowner!   As a woman, she is the epitome of strength and courage, a light heart and full of joy.  She's a wonderful mother, friend and nurse.  I had the good fortune of meeting this wonderful soul over 10 years ago and we have recently reunited ... thank goodness. She makes the world a more compassionate place to be.

I wanted this shoot to embody her beauty and authenticity.

Did I mention how much I love Laura Mvula?  Here is a wonderful song, "She" that is just so beautiful and inspiring.  

Model + Wardrobe - Funmi Temitope Lawal-Evans
Photos by Corey Lynn Tucker Photography
Make-up by Corey Tucker
Assistant - George Mastrogiannis


  1. This was a beautiful day to remember. We had an amazing time going for a ride in the country with Joy and her young son prince. Corey shares the beauty that inspires me everyday of my life. I love you Corey, my heart is yours forever.

    1. You are my sunshine ... thank you for helping me spread the light! Love you always and forever mi amor.


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