How do you pull off a photoshoot that is a surprise gift?

Mark approached me and said he would like to purchase a portrait session for his girlfriend, Sarah, but he wanted it to be a surprise.  He knows how much she enjoys modeling and thought it would be a great gift.  Sarah and I have collaborated on several other conceptual shoots together and I really enjoy working with her.  She has a classic 1940's look, so I thought instead of doing something we've done before, let's try something different for her portfolio.  She is truly multi-faceted.  I saw a cell phone shot of her with this black wig and thought ... perfect, let's go for mod!  Between our two vintage wardrobes and that of our friend, Julia Sloan, we were golden.  I was pleased that Sarah fit into my mother's dress from the 60's ... it fit her like a glove!  I did my homework, I researched make-up, fashion, posing and even music for our shoot and shared it with Sarah and Sheri, our talented make-up artist so they could prepare for our day together.

Normally, I shoot outdoors, but this time, I decided we needed a minimal background to match the mod era, so we rented a studio from my friend, Jillian for an hour at LT Photography.  I'm glad I took a lighting workshop with Lou Freeman Photography, it really paid off for my shoot with Sarah.  I had the confidence and speed it took not to waste anytime adjusting lighting, after all, we only had one hour to shoot in the studio.  

While Sarah was getting her make-up done, I put music on to match the era of the early 60's when mod popped onto the scene. Sheri Lee who's also modeled for me in the past happens to be a phenomenal make-up artist too.  I truly enjoy collaborating with her, she's genuine, prompt and has the expertise to match whatever look you give her.  This time she matched the Twiggy look precisely.

After we had begun shooting, Mark showed up at the studio to get a behind the scenes look and after we were done shooting, I popped the news, that the conceptual shoot was made possible by Mark! 

My work wasn't done, after the one-hour shoot, I spent about 10 hours in post-process editing to match the look of the mod era.  It was a total blast.  
Thanks to everyone for making this day possible!

Model ~ Sarah Mitchell
Make-up ~ Sheri Lee
Wardrobe ~ a mix of mine, Julia Sloan's and Sarah's vintage clothing
Location ~ LT Photography
Photography ~ Corey Lynn Tucker Photography
Assistant ~ George ♥


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