the ocean

The ocean calls to me even in winter.  I am drawn to water.  It's healing and soothing.  The beach we went to holds many fond memories of my grandmother.  Even though she's been gone a few years, I always feel close to her when I'm there.   On the way down to the shore, George and I listened to the first CD in Led Zeppelin's Mothership album.  13 songs played and put me in the mood to create some magic.  We sang along to all the songs on the easiest drive I've ever taken to the beach.  Absolutely no traffic on a Sunday morning.  It was a piece of cake.

I contacted Kat George to see if she wanted to collaborate.  She's a wonderful hairdresser at Christopher's Salon & Day Spa in Guilford, CT besides being a make-up artist and model!  This is a renaissance woman!  Kat and I met last year at a photographer's shootout at Chetstone Studios.  She had bright pink hair and up until our recent shoot, she had one of the photos I took of her as her Facebook profile picture for almost a year!  That always makes me happy when I see my photography as someone's profile picture.  When I got my hair colored by Kat, we chatted about what type of shoot we wanted to do and I walked away with gorgeous red hair and a new trim.  About two months later, we got together on a fairly warm day in February at the beach.  We got lucky!  The sun was out and there was barely a breeze.  Was it cold, hell yes!  Models are fierce.  You wouldn't even know Kat was cold by looking at her.  Two hours later, we finished with three different looks - Pretty in Pink, Mermaid and Valkryie.  The first two wardrobe selections were all from Kat's closet.  Her mermaid outfit was her prom dress and I just added a few seashell necklaces for the final touch.  She made her gorgeous flower crown just the night before.  My friend, Natasha gave me a treasure trove of goodies and we literally came up with the Valkyrie costume right on the beach, no sewing required.  I turned the necklace into a headpiece and the cape became a skirt. I stuffed feathers and fur in Kat's tank top and abracadabra ... it literally took minutes.

It's such a pleasure to work with creative people who can make something out of nothing.  It was a lovely winter day at the beach.  One I won't soon forget.  After the shoot, George and I took a walk down to Griswold Point hoping to spot a snowy owl.  That magic will have to be saved for another day.

Model ~ Kat George
Make-up/Hair ~ Kat George
Wardrobe ~ Kat's and some goodies from my friend, Natasha Rethke
Assistant ~ George 


  1. These are absolutely GORGEOUS! I love the light and dark from the beach to the woods. Every detail is so perfectly imagined!

    1. Thank you Jillian! I'm glad you like the series. We were incredibly blessed with a fairly warm day at the beach which gave us time for three different looks. The last one, Valkryie was on the beach in the sand dunes.


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