a day at the rodeo

What can I say, I love conceptual photo-shoots!  When I met Ethan, I had to ask him if he would model for me.  Not only can he model, he's a talented musician and artist too!  A ton of ideas are popping into my head and I'm grateful to be inspired again.  This is Ethan's second shoot modeling and he is a natural.  It was his girlfriend, Katie's first time and they both were pros.  Katie is a natural beauty and made a stunning cowgirl to Ethan's cowboy.  What a pleasure to spend a day at the rodeo together with George by my side helping me when I needed assistance with my gear.

When I heard the Goshen Stampede was coming to town, I got excited.  I've never seen a rodeo before and I was excited that Lisa Dinsmore agreed to help me out with a stunning wardrobe.  She and her husband are cowboy mounted shooters with the Double Nickle Ranch.  That is a sight to see as well.  When I went to pick up the wardrobe, I was greeted by her husband, Roger and he donated more boots and hats for the occasion. 

I met Katie for the first time and we got her and Ethan fitted for their attire for the afternoon and headed to the rodeo with George.  From bull riding to barrel racing to bucking broncos, you name it, the Goshen Stampede had it.  If that wasn't enough, there were monster truck pulls and live music, rides and fair food.

Here I thought I had to wait until I moved out west to see a rodeo.  So grateful we had such a gorgeous, sunny Saturday for our shoot.

Models - Ethan Newman + Katie Tierney
Wardrobe - Lisa + Roger Dinsmore
Concept/Photography/Video - Corey Lynn Tucker Photography
Assistant - George Mastrogiannis


  1. Goodtimes all around!~ So much fun hanging out with Katie and Ethan, super mellow and down to earth.
    Oh and the photos rock!!!! Yee haw!!!!!

  2. Awesome Corey! I'm a new fan of your talent and skill. Any chance you get up to Central Vermont where I have 5 gorgeous, mellow, connected horses? They are beauties. I'm always looking for someone who can capture great shots of horses and humans together in the work I do (Horses and Pathfinders).
    In any case, I'll stay closely tuned to your work. Best of success to you, Lucinda (Ethan's Aunt in Vermont)

    1. Dear Lucinda! I would love to come up to VT and meet you and your fine horses. We've taken care of my friend's percherons and mule and it's the most rewarding work I've ever done. I've had a connection to horses since I was young. You will have to browse my blog posts for my other horse and rider photographs and stories. It's definitely right up my alley. All my best. Thank you for your kind words. We might possibly be going up in early August for a family reunion.


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