golden hour

George and I had a quickie.  No really, I looked outside and I said, let's go!  These are the days of the golden hour when we are approaching the longest day of the year, June 21, the first day of summer!  Besides, I need to return these bangin' get-ups to Lisa Dinsmore before the cows come home.  She and her husband, Roger generously lent me an assortment of cowboy/gal related gear for my "a day at the rodeo" conceptual shoot I did on Saturday with Ethan and Katie. 

This was the fastest shoot I have ever done in my life and turned around within a matter of hours.  Goes to show you, photography is all about light.  It's luscious and golden and I want to fall into it's warm embrace. 

Seems like the more I shoot, the more inspired I get to create and besides, George fit this Spanish style cowboy perfectly and he sure is easy on the eyes.  I'm so lucky to have a partner that's not only handsome, but willing to play along.  We laughed our butts off as he got into character.  Dressing up and playing is good for the soul.  It gives you a chance to tap into your inner child.  Make no mistake, laughter is the best medicine of all.

So get on out there and enjoy these gorgeous days we have all been waiting for!  Giddyup!

Oh, and Roger, I don't want to return your boots.   If you love horses, cowboys and gals, be sure to check out the Cowboy Mounted Shooters!

Disclaimer - No one was harmed even though shots were fired.  I repeat, these are toy guns.



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