green man concept

Peace and inspiration come to me in the woods.  I enjoy hiking and exploring all year long and when the verdant green ferns started emerging this spring, I knew that I wanted to be in their lush green embrace and create something beautiful, natural.   I practiced on myself first to see if the fern application would work.  I knew I wanted to do more than a self portrait with this idea.  This is my process.

This was Ethan and my third shoot together, but the first time where he was the only subject.   I gathered ferns and grapevines and my make-up and headed to his house to apply magic dust to his face, next came the ferns and grapevines.  I've always wanted to create a costume from my natural surroundings.  I have been inspired by Kirsty Mitchell's conceptual photography for years now.  Little by little, I see myself creating more elaborate dreams.  I am working on my next idea for Ethan, but it requires sewing and hand crafts which will take longer.  For now, it is baby steps.

I wanted to shoot in natural light and with my speedlites to create a different feeling for each photograph.  I also incorporated layers of photographs that I took previously of ferns and leaves to add to the post process for a more artistic flair.  I am a self taught in photography, Lightroom and Photoshop.  I believe that the more you shoot what you love, you explore and expand beyond your former limitations. 


Model ~ Ethan Newman
Concept/MUA ~ Corey Tucker


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