Dark Horse, Wolf Moon

My first conceptual collaboration began on January 5, with my friend, Natasha, striking model and horse woman.  She is riding Winter Hill Tacoma, her 19-year old handsome Percheron.  She had Miss G Designs create this head dress for her based on some ideas Natasha put together on her mood board.  There is a moonstone in the center and a half moon between the horns.  It's one of a kind!   Miss G no longer takes custom orders for head dresses, so this one is really special.  She has designed head dresses for some famous folks like Katy Perry.  I borrowed the pelt from another friend for this wintery dark horse, wolf moon concept. 

The weather and season had to be perfect to pull off the stark mood I was hoping to capture.  Patience paid off.   Natasha said it was going to snow (she has her degree in Meteorology) and as soon as I showed up, clockwork, snowflakes began to fall from the sky.  Truly magical.  It's always a pleasure to create magic with Natasha and her beautiful horses.

If you want to create something special with your own horses, I'm your gal.  I would be happy to help you design your own mood board.

Model + Make-up - Natasha Rethke
Horse - Winter Hill Tacoma
Headdress - Miss G Designs
Wardrobe - Natasha and Corey Tucker
Horse Headstall - Equine Design's Friesian & Baroque Horse Store
Saddle - Quinta Saddlery
Corey Lynn Tucker Photography


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