Giuseppina Magazine | Amethyst | February 2015

This year has been non-stop goodness.  I'm on a mission to create beautiful stories by collaborating with delightful and talented creatives and submit to magazines for publication.  So far, two are in print and there are more in the queue that I can't wait to share with you.  It feels so good to see my photography in print along with other creatives in the industry.

I saw the open call for the amethyst issue, a crystal I happen to love and it's the stone for February.  First, I created a mood board and shared it with Sabrina and Jennifer to show them what I had in mind for hair, make-up, color and wardrobe.  I have a few pieces of amethyst around the house, but what I was really looking for was jewelry.  I contacted four designers and didn't hear back from anyone.  I had all but given up and decided to just make due with my tiny crystals.  Three days before my shoot, I dropped off some art for a show at the Farmington Valley Arts Center and came across Marian Gaydos gorgeous crystal creations.  I immediately gave her a phone call and to my surprise, she said, yes!  I'm learning not to have any fear in asking, because every time I do, I am pleasantly surprised.  Thank you universe.

Next was to find the wardrobe.  My all time favorite consignment store is Pink House Canton Eclectic Clothing.  I was hoping there would be something fabulous in the color of purple and I found not one, but two dresses!  One was a vintage 1960's gem made in Honolulu!  The other, a summer dress that reminded me of a Mara Hoffman design.  I added a rock and roll theme for the last look with elements from my own wardrobe, a screen printed AC/DC shirt I made in seventh grade.  Some things just never go to Goodwill.

The day of the shoot, we shot indoors at my new studio space that is under construction and should be up and running soon!  I asked Brendan from Furniture Stable if I could borrow one of his chairs.  What do you think his answer was ... YES!!!  I have so many people to thank and without them, none of this would be possible.   This editorial is dedicated to Marian's husband who was just diagnosed with cancer.  I hope that the healing energy of love surround him and his lovely wife who I have never met.  The world is a beautiful place and I choose to keep focusing on the light.  We are all connected.  Never be afraid to ask and reach out for help because you never know what path that may lead you down.

Giuseppina Magazine​ - Amethyst Issue

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Model - Sabrina Allard​
Make-up - Jennifer Giuliani-Colonero​ with All Dolled Up​
Jewelry Designer - Marian Gaydos Designs
Style + Photography - Corey Lynn Tucker Photography​
Chair -
Furniture Stable


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