july bride | sapphire and cornflower blue

The environment continually inspires me to create what is sustainable and in season.  All of the flowers sourced for the flower crown and bouquet were blooming in my garden and in the wild.  The cornflowers were out of this world and just the day after I photographed Stephanie in the field, it was mowed down.  Cornflowers are so fragile, you cannot cut them for a bouquet or they will die, so we must enjoy them as they are, in the wild.  I'm so happy I went with my gut feeling to sieze the moment and create something right away.  It goes to show the impermanence of life. 

Thanks to Stephanie for modeling and to Carol & Company in Collinsville for loaning me her gorgeous sapphire engagement ring and diamond wedding band for Stephanie to wear.  When I think July, I think summer, the ocean, blue, water and sky.  It goes by so quickly, so I took a moment to pause and soak in the abundant flora, summer heat and beauty.  Let your heart be wild and free, seek out those places of beauty and take a moment to pause and soak in the abundance of summer.  I hope it fills your heart with joy and sustains you through the seasons.

Model - Stephanie Day
Flower Crown & Bouquet - Corey Tucker
Photography - Corey Lynn Tucker Photography
Engagement Ring & Wedding Band - Carol & Company


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