married | allison + wes | camp keewanee, greenfield, ma

Thanks to a friend, I was referred to this lovely couple because she knew we would hit it off.  Allison and Wes shared their wedding plans with me over coffee this winter.  Picture an outdoor "Festival of Love" wedding, I'm in!  Imagine a bridal party dressed in the colors of the rainbow, married by the river and gathered with friends and family at a casual outdoor camp-out weekend with live music! They invited George and I to camp out and join the festivities, but I had to get home for more photo sessions.  I'm sure their music festival and bonfire was amazing.  Did I mention there was a pool! 

What really stole my heart was when they offered Stella (Wes' daughter) a ring and gave her the same commitment of love as they did to one another.  There wasn't a dry eye to be seen.  What a perfect summer wedding and the weather was just the right temperature.


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    1. Thank you Kim! I couldn't agree more. So colorful and happy!


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