august bride | amaranth and yellow gold

Oh, August, how quickly you pass us by.  The last month of summer vacations before school begins.  The colors are rich and golden, tall grasses and wildflowers are abundant.  So that is exactly where Natalie and I went on our adventure, into the fields to soak in the summer sun.   Our time together was peaceful as we listened to the crickets sing their song.

I enjoy the abundance of wildflowers, thus the reason for this series.  I wanted to gather seasonal flowers that correspond with the month they bloom.   I delighted in gathering wild, mugwort, queen anne's lace, flea bane, loosestrife and amaranth and black-eyed susan's from my garden and making a bouquet and flower crown.  Did I mention I love hats, boots and headresses?  Natalie and I had a ball tromping around the fields.

Soon after our session together, Natalie's sweetheart proposed to her!

Thanks to Carol & Company for providing a stunning wedding band.

Model | Natalie Buck
Ring | Carol & Company
Floral Design + Flower Crown | Corey Lynn Tucker Photography



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