What I learned as a Second Shooter in 2015 | Weddings

What is a second shooter?  It's someone who allows the primary photographer to take terrific photos of the bride and groom.  We fix the hair in your face, straighten your tie, make sure there is no spinach in your teeth.  We also notice what's going on behind the primary photographers back.  It's insurance on your wedding day to make sure all bases are covered.  We assist the primary photographer with lighting, posing, gathering families and bridal parties together.  We photograph the details and guests while the primary photographer is with the couple.  We get different angles and perspectives, more freedom for artistry, time permitting.

I had the opportunity to work with some new and amazing photographers in 2015.  We had a lot of laughs and new adventures.  A total of 11 weddings as a second shooter with eight different photographers, I've never worked with before.  We were blessed with gorgeous weather and smooth sailing.  You learn so much from each person, their style, preferences, chemistry and use that as an opportunity to see the world differently.  As the year progressed with my own weddings, I took what I learned and approached my own clients differently.

My take aways moving forward:

Don't assume, ask, be clear about boundaries.
I am an expert at pinning boutonnieres.
I learned less is more.
I'm still a sucker for details.
Take more candids.
Push myself even further with off-camera lighting.
Spend more time with the bride and groom alone.
Spend less time on the dance floor.
I don't need to lug around two cameras all day.
Make sure that the primary photographer has food/water to sustain them throughout the day.  Otherwise we get hangry.

I'm super blessed to have met some wonderful folks and terrific venues this year including some outstanding wedding vendors.

Danny Kash Photography & Cinema

Anaise Prince Photography

Truth Be Told Photography

Luke Wayne Photography

Allegra Anderson Wedding Photography 

Be Still Photography

Joanna Fisher Photography

The Terrible Child Photography



  1. What a gift... to create such visual beauty and offer visual memories *and* learn some sound lessons from which to grow!

    1. Thank you Rose! I'm looking forward to what the new year has to offer. Blessings to you.


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