MOOOVE | dance | Katie Schenker

There was a threat of an impending snow storm, this time, last Saturday, but we didn't let that stop us from our plan to create.  We started with dance photos in my studio and then outdoors where I found a perfect location just days before.  I met Katie at Magna Physical Therapy in Avon, CT.  She helped me with my frozen shoulder as she was my physical therapy assistant.  I made tremendous progress in 6 weeks and this was a way to celebrate me unfreezing my shoulder so I can have more freedom of movement.  I think there's no coincidence I chose this location to symbolize movement.  Katie braved the 25 degrees and blustery winds.

I wanted to play with light, movement, motion blur, gifs, video and my lighting (strobes and speedlites).  It was a tall order, but we were able to do it in a few short hours and the rest of the week was spent editing her images. 


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