cherry blossoms, amor + polka dots

These two!  When we met in New Haven last year to do a styled engagement session in the park, I just knew their time was coming.  It was so easy for Kat and James to be themselves, adorable and in love.  In less than a year, they were engaged and got married!  I took their real engagement photos in the Fall.  In January, they eloped to Vegas and and have since relocated to Florida where it's warm and sunny all the time, just like their hearts.  I will miss these two and I adored taking their photos.  After looking through my blog history, I realized I never created my own blog last year because we were featured on Trendy Groom, Pretty & Inked, Westchester Wedding Planner and more.

So cheers to love, to Spring blossoms and where that sparkling rainbow unicorn path made lead you.  Always believe in love, in magic and the eternal resurrection of nature, that perennial and inspirational beauty.

Anytime you need someone to follow you around for a day on your adventures, I'm your gal.  I love sight-seeing, exploring and capturing beauty and most of all, love.


  1. So sweet, these images, the love expressed in them, as the final photo wrapped up. For me, anyway.


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