green inspiration | diy | string art

It all started with the color green.  I began pinning things like moss, fern, frogs, beetles and butterflies which led me to kokedama.  Japanese string art.  I love gardening and this was just the inspiration I needed to create a living art installation for my photography studio.

I chose rosemary, dill and thyme and wheat grass and picked up some spagumn and green moss.  I just had organic top soil delivered for my outdoor gardens, add some twine and I was all set to rock and roll.

1) Separate plant gently from the soil so the roots are exposed.
2) Wrap spagumn moss around the exposed roots and tie with cotton string.
3) Pack moistened soil around the wrapped roots.
4) Cover with green moss and tie into a ball with twine.
5) Hang with twine in your choice location.
6) Mist them with water every day (spray bottle).


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