Visage + Cheveux + Fleur | 4 Seasons of Bridal Beauty

Jennifer Lynn, our Fall bride is FEATURED on the cover of TTF Magazine!  Step inside to see the full story.

Visage + Cheveux + Fleur highlights the beauty of face, hair and flowers based on the floral inspiration of each season.  Bringing you the soft and lovely hues in the color palette from cool to warm.  We begin with Spring in pale tones of wheat colored grasses, delicate peony and blue tones, summer brings fresh bamboo, Fall warms up with orange orchids and Winter shifts to evergreen and merlot. 

What season calls out to you the most when planning your wedding?  Do you prefer the cool colors of Spring and Summer or the warmer tones of Fall and Winter?  Choose flowers based on colors that resonate with you and let them be your guide to your make-up.  I hope this brings you fresh ideas and inspiration when planning your wedding day.

Call in the pros to have your hair and make-up done for your special day.  Trials are always recommended so you can get to know your stylist and hone your signature look.  I love taking your getting ready photos at weddings to capture the magic and emotion.  So when your groom sees you for the first time, his jaw will drop I'll be right there to catch the moment.

Concept, Styling, Floral Design + Photography |  Corey Lynn Tucker Photography
Hair + Make-up | Allure Traveling Beauty
Models | Brooke Hascoe, Rachel Toussaint, Claire Lloyd-Jones Malloy + Jennifer Lynn


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