neddy's blues jam | blueberry picking | food photography

I love all things blue and that includes my favorite fruit ... the blueberry.  The last time I picked blueberries was many years ago in a wild field in Maine with my mom.   We spent the next day making  jars and jars of jam. 

Just last week, I had the pleasure of picking blueberries at my friend, Neddy's home from her beautiful blueberry bushes.  I never knew not all blueberries are the same, some more luscious than others.  One for the mouth, a handful for the bucket.  Pick and sample.

It wasn't enough to just eat them ... I had to photograph these sexy and delicious berries to make them last an eternity.  The whole experience from picking, to photographing to jam making with my husband. My next goal is to grow my own so I know what really goes into the life of a blueberry. 

Blueberries in my morning yogurt, in pancakes, in a watermelon blueberry mint salad and finally, enough to make jam!  Appropriately named "Neddy's Blues Jam" in honor of my friend.  She gets the credit for making all this possible.

Get em while they are good and make sure to eat seasonal, local and delicious.






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