Little River Restoratives | Mercado Pop-up | Food Photography

My friend, Chris Parrott invited me to the Pop-Up event at Little River Restoratives in Hartford.  Mercado was the special guest in the house tonight and they didn't disappoint.  I've had Mercado's delicious tapas from their food truck before and I couldn't resist taking my husband for a tasty treat.  It was the first time I went to LRR and it was packed!  We arrived just in time for the best table in the house.  It gave me the perfect view to the bar, where the bartenders were shaking martini's and the light was shining through the windows for the perfect light and shadow.  I love striking contrast.  While I didn't have any drinks, they sure looked appetizing. 

The food though, we ordered almost one of each tapa on the menu and we weren't disappointed with the sweet and spicy food explosion.  It's been so long since I've had diverse food to eat and it was a real treat to see fresh, colorful food taste as good as it looked.  My only suggestion would be to have silverware vs. plastic utensils.


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