Treat Yourself | Editorial | Tulmeadow Farm, Simsbury, CT

How to look good, feel great and enjoy the end of summer.  There's only two days left!  My how time flies.  Put on your comfiest pair of socks, hiking boots and cut-off of shorts and top.  Head on over to Tulmeadow Farm in Simsbury and grab your favorite flavor of ice cream on a sugar cone and go for a walk in the Simsbury Land Trust (right behind the store)! Soak in the waning sunshine and feel great!  Bring a friend or your lover and laugh a little, it is proven to reduce stress.  Better yet, treat your folks or grandparents and spend some time in the great outdoors.

Model | Robyn Valente


  1. Simsbury! We were there a few weeks ago for an afternoon blues, beer and dog party. Plus, my daughter lives in Simsbury!

  2. Very cool. My relatives own Tulmeadow and make the ice cream. It's a real treat. Great part of the state to live in. I love it here.


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