Wedding | Chelsea + Mike | People's Forest

When your dear friends ask you to be their photographer, of course you say yes.  Originally, Mike and Chelsea were going to elope in the woods, so we started planning locations.  Chelsea was going to get ready in my studio and Mike down the hall in LAM Yoga thanks to my friend, Jen Dankosky.  The energy and light was just amazing, everyone was beaming.  I showed them some of my favorite hiking spots that would be perfect for an outdoor woodland wedding.  As the planning progressed, their love was too great not to share with friends and family.  Their dog, Jazzy was the ring bearer and guess what, one of the rings got lost!  With the help of all the guests taking a short break to find the ring, Chelsea's brother, AJ found the ring!  We all celebrated and resumed the rest of the ceremony.  What was phenomenal is nobody was stressed out.  Chelsea said she has all she needs with her husband, a ring is just a thing.  Money certainly can't buy love. 

After the ceremony, we drove up the rode to the Colebrook Reservoir where the water was extremely low because of the drought.  The ghost bridge used to be deep under water and now there is barely a trickle going underneath.  We all soaked in the beauty and feeling of being out west in what felt like a lunar landscape.  I couldn't be happier for these two radiant lovely souls. 

Beauty | All Dolled Up
Dress | Mariella Creations
Suit | J.T. Ghamo
Location | People's Forest
Photographer | Corey Lynn Tucker Photography
Flowers | Chelsea Suddes


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