New York Botanical Garden Engagement | Anne + Javier

I couldn't think of a more perfect escape from winter than the New York Botanical Gardens.  Turns out Presidents Day was unseasonably warm at 50 degrees. From the moment I met, Anne + Javier, you could feel the immensity of their love. We were instantly intoxicated with the heavy scent of orchids and welcomed into the conservatory with plants that embraced us.  I was immediately transported to my memories of Costa Rica, that lush tropical environment and I soon forgot it was winter.  We joyfully wandered our way through the expansive gardens and took in each botanical gift.  From witnessing their laughter, dancing, kissing and hugs, there is no shortage of passion.  At one moment, I asked Anne to see her ring and that's when Javier, popped the surprise!  He gave her a beautiful giraffe ring!  Something only these two can share with you, that is near and dear to their hearts.  We wandered our way through the plants, ducking and pausing in the rays of light and shadow and snuck away from the holiday crowd just long enough to catch a glimpse of their love.  I felt like I was on vacation following these two sweethearts through the jungle on their adventure.  We skipped the main course and went straight for desert transporting us to that honeymoon feeling.

I'm more than excited to photograph their wedding next month in Mystic.  We shall see what Mother Nature has in store for us.


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