Mystic Wedding | Anne + Javier

After photographing Annie's sweet details, I read what she wrote to her beloved,  Javi and it hit me right where it counts.  All this time working together and neither of them were even looking for a relationship and slowly but surely, they grew on each other organically.  Those sweet surprises sneak up on you when you least expect it and can change the course of your life.  Love has a funny way of blooming into an extraordinary flower that pulls you in with it's intoxicating aroma and before you know it, you are under it's spell.  Their love is passionate and there was no shortage of joy and laughter with their family and friends despite the windy, chilly day.  Annie's heart kept her warm and as soon as she saw Javi during the first look, she bolted towards him, because love can't wait.  There are no rules when it comes to love, it can't be restrained.

I think that's why I adore first looks so much, it allows you the ease and freedom to experience your whole wedding day without rushing through portraits and missing out on cocktail hour with people who can't wait to hug you!  Intimate weddings are like dark chocolate, so sweet and enjoyable and all you need is a little and that's enough.  What a way to begin the year with breaking free of tradition and running after what you want.  Thank you for the richness of your sweet love.  Wishing you both endless moons of love and happiness.


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