Azores Part I | Le Jardin | Jim + Katy

Tribe Archipelago hosted Camp Archipelago in the Azores, a week long mentor session with adventurous photographers from around the world.  I jumped at the chance to go with my friend, Rachel Black.  She and I would be roommates with two other photographers in a sweet bungalow (at this point, they had not arrived yet, since we got there a day early to explore and that we did)!  The Azores is in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and close to Portugul and Spain.  Shoot, you could even skip over to Morrocco from here!

Upon arriving at Solar do Conde at 6 a.m., my new found photographer friends and I took a walk around the estate and wandered into the lush green gardens with jurassic sized leaves.  It was heavenly.  Shortly afterwards, we walked down the historic narrow roads and finally made our way to the cliffs overlooking the ocean by the end of the day.  There, I met Jim and asked if he was one of the photographers with the group.  We walked to dinner and his wife, Katy joined us.  After getting to know them a bit, I asked if they wanted to model for us in the garden the next morning. They recently got married at Katy's family orchards in Devon in the south-west of England.   One of my favorite photographers, The Kitcheners photographed their love story.  I'm looking forward to staying in touch with them and hopefully, visiting Scotland with my husband.

I couldn't wait to try a lens I rented from LensProToGo and I am happy with the results.  The week continued to amaze and inspire me, from landscape, to culture to all the kind and creative folks at this gathering.  It was food for my spirit and just the creative community my soul was longing for.  I'm so grateful for these memories, for the laughter, awe and new found friends.  Please join me on this journey.  I look forward to sharing this magic with my couples this year!

Enter Le Jardin


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