Azores IV | Rita + Joao | Lush

At weddings, you don't always have an hour with a couple to photograph family, bridal portraits and the couple.  Most of the time, things run over, people can be late and a wedding day can be unpredictable.  I learned so much in the Azores and thanks to Leila Scarfiotti for her wisdom to use even a short amount of time (15 minutes) and any location or lighting situation you have to capture all you need when you are rushed for time on a wedding day.  The most important thing is to make a couple feel comfortable and at ease, thankfully, that was a piece of cake with these two lovers. 

Lucky me, Rita and Joao are straight out of a romance novel.  Their tenderness for one another is as graceful as a ballet dancer.  It was a real treat to witness their love for one another and there was no shortage of sweet caresses and gentle kisses.  As an intimate wedding photographer, it is a real treat to witness a couple being themselves as if I'm not there.  That is my hope for couples on their wedding day, to just enjoy the moment, to be themselves and relax in each others arms like it was a lazy Sunday afternoon.


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