Azores Part III | Angela + Ivan | Salto do Cabrito River

As the sun slipped below the horizon, we were losing light fast, but that didn't matter, because my eyes were fixed on the intensity between Angela + Ivan.  The air was electric, her gaze as sharp as the crystal necklace she was wearing.  Ivan's embrace gentle, yet all encompassing making you want to stay forever.  These two wandering souls captured my heart with their undeniable passion for life and each other.  I can't wait to share even more of their adventures with you from the Azores in the "surf edition."  

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  1. So nice to have some moments to catch up on your posts. And this ~ your words and images are beautifully moody. Poetry, both.

    1. Thank you my kind friend. All these rainy days are making life a bit slower and it's giving me the opportunity to get things done I might otherwise not. My house is happy right now. xo.


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