Hawthorne District Breakfast Date | Alison + Casey | Portland, OR

I met these two lovers at New Seasons Market while grocery shopping, the friendliest store in town.  Little did I know when I asked them to get together, that Casey Wayne Smith is an talented singer/songwriter and musician!  We met for coffee at TOV in a food court.  As we were walking the streets of the Hawthorne district full of eateries and cool local shops, you couldn't help but notice his posters for his upcoming gigs plastered on street posts.  Alison is equally amazing, sweet and kind.  She's lived in Portland her whole life and she could be a foodie tour guide.  She recommended several good restaurants, one we enjoyed for breakfast and I had the best biscuits and gravy I've had in my whole life.  Portland is full of kind and cool people and getting to know them over coffee and breakfast was just what I want to do with all my couples.  Taking the time to get to know one another only enriches your experience and builds trust for your wedding day, plus we have a lot of fun.  Engagement sessions should be based on the things you love to do, why not have coffee, eat and take a stroll around an artistic city full of life and color.  So much love for these two humans.



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